digitalized psychology-driven service for moving employment from a paycheck-motivated into the fulfillment-lead workforce

Why do we work?

Is it only because we have to make a living? The answer to those questions brings meta-study done by Timothy Judge, a researcher from the University of Florida. His analysis presents the long and compelling list of non monetary reasons people give for doing their work. Finally, findings show that a level of pay has a little effect on either job satisfaction or salary content.

Meanwhile, not too much has been done to answer other human needs than a basic of remuneration. Eurostat reports that only 21% of Europeans experience high job satisfaction. As a result, it translates into low productivity, costly work-related health problems and poor quality of well-being for the vast majority of a workforce.

As we believe that everyone deserves to be motivated and fulfilled at work, we bring AKVEN. It is the psychology-driven service which connects people with teams using high-affinity matchmaking via a mobile app. While currently available solutions focus on hire as an end result, AKVEN’s ultimate goal is the long-lasting satisfaction in work relationship by both sides — employer and employee. On the one hand, our solution helps people find jobs which tap into their needs for fulfilling work. On the other hand, it allows business leaders to create well-fitted teams with flourishing collaboration. Thus, AKVEN gives new depth to the traditional recruitment process.